Thursday, July 23, 2009


So, I figure 8 1/2 months is long enough to not update our blog. Well, we got I think my last blog was when we were still engaged. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple November, 29, 2009. It was absolutely gorgeous...the weather was really reasonable for end of Nov, Family was very supportive and wonderful, and the man of dreams became my husband.

Anyway, I'll go into detail about all the in-between events and the wedding sometime. As of now we are living in American Fork in a HUGE, wonderful, basement apartment. We moved here in March and just love our little's perfect for a family just starting out. We just called called to be
Sunbeam teachers in our new ward and we love it.David recently became an employee of Whipple plumbing, heating and air- after many months of unemployment. This is such a great blessing for us and we are so grateful. He has some weeks of training and eventually he will be getting his company work-truck and be a full on technician. He is uber loving it so far and this is a FANTASTIC company to work for.

The biggest reason we are SO blessed right now (besides being madly in love and married to each other), is that we found out in Feb that we were going to be a Mommy and Daddy. I'm now almost 28 weeks pregnant...everything has gone very smoothly. We found out in May that we are having a little girl and we are waiting for her to arrive sometime around Oct 17th. David is already such a cute little Daddy! He loves talking to her in my tummy and getting her to kick for him, he's really involved
in shopping and preparing for this little one, and just lights up anytime anyone talks about his baby girl. I am absolutely thrilled, curious and excited for (most of) the changes of my body and my life. I was told when I was 16 and many times since to expect to have difficulty-at the least- getting pregnant. I have counted on needing medical help to intervene for a long time to help me in my dream of having a family. After just one month of trying though, here she comes. My heart is so overjoyed and it's already just so much fun getting ready for her.

I think it will be easier to keep a day by day sort of blog with her in our life keeping it more busy and interesting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 1/2 weeks now

Sorry it's been for freaking ever since I wrote anything! We have been a lot more busy than we even knew we would be. Life is good! We love every minute of planning this wedding and getting our life planned. We are struggling sometimes balancing our two families, wedding plans, personal goals, continuing to take time to build a strong relationship together, work, sleep and everything else. One of these days I'll update how we met and the stuff up to this point too. We are just crazy in love and having fun getting to know each other better enjoying this sweet time of life.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The cutest, most incredible boy ever asked me to marry him!

So, I know it happened over a week ago now, but I'm still so amazingly excited! I'll get the whole story in here at some point, but on September 25th David surprised me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After a lot of hugging and crying and saying we loved each other, I realized that wasn't technically an answer and I said yes! We will be starting our married life together on Sat Nov 29th. We know it's fast, it freaked us out a little even, but we know it's right. I can't believe the most outstanding, amazing, impressive guy I've ever known says he's in love with me and wants to be with me. It's so stinkin' cool!